4 Eels

Did you know that there’s a game¬†where you swim around collecting coins and shells, all the while trying to avoid getting shocked, sawed, bludgeoned, or eaten. ¬†

For realz?

Yes: 4 Eels.





How to Play

4 Eels is a game that you won’t be able to put down — a classic arcade endless runner that will always leave you wanting to play “just one more time” to try to best your high score.

Easy to learn yet hard to master, you simply tap, tap, tap to keep your swimmer afloat and out of the way of the ubiquitous electric eels. Eels, which come at you in waves of 4 and bring the current game to a “shocking” end should you be unfortunate enough to collide with one.

Just when you think you’ve been granted a reprieve from the slimy sizzlers, a big bad boss fish makes an appearance, and he’s usually in a foul mood. Do you best to avoid him or you will meet an even more untimely end.

Pick up bonus points with coins and don’t miss those shells – they enable much needed power ups. When you’re running low on air, swim to the surface!

4 Eels will keep you coming back for more thrills, laughs, and high scores.